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Saturday 30th May

Charles Pirie SSF(1)
U6 Bee/1 Setup
U6 Bee/7 Packup

Charles Pirie SSF(2)
U6 Bee/2 Setup
U7 Fox/2 Packup

Charles Pirie Mini Field
U8 Bee/1 Setup
Committee Packup

Parkside Drive Midi Field
U10 Bee Setup
U11 Bee/1 Packup

Charles Pirie Field (Main)
U12/A - Setup
AAA1/1 - Packup

Sunday 31st May

Charles Pirie Field (Main)
O12/C - Setup
AA/F - Packup

Parkside Drive Midi Field
N/A - Setup
N/A - Packup

In the event of Wet Weather please call the appropriate Council number to find out latest details regarding ground closures.
Kogarah : 9330 9595
Hurstville : 9330 6272
Rockdale : 9562 1637